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American Heart Association ECC Courses


Heartsaver CPR Course
The Heartsaver CPR Course is a modular course that teaches lay rescuers how to recognize and treat life-threatening emergencies, including cardiac arrest and choking for adult, child and infant victims.

Students also learn to recognize the warning signs of heart attack and stroke in adults and breathing difficulties in children.The program is divided into three different courses, providing choices.

CPR for All Ages
This course teaches CPR and relief of foreign-body airway obstruction in the adult, infant and child.

CPR for Adults
This course teaches CPR and relief of foreign-body airway obstruction for the adult.

CPR for Infants and Children
This course teaches CPR and relief of foreign-body airway obstruction for infants (birth to 1 year of age) and children (1 year to 8 years of age).

Intended Audience
All lay rescuers, such as employees in the workplace, day care employees, babysitters, firefighters, police, airline personnel, security guards, family members of patients at high risk for sudden cardiac death, other lay rescuers, and those who may have a need to respond to an emergency.

Heartsaver First Aid

The Heartsaver First Aid Course provides the skills to effectively assess and maintain life from the critical minutes immediately following an emergency until the arrival of emergency medical services personnel.

The course also provides corporations with a complete health and safety training solution for First Aid, CPR and AED.The Heartsaver First Aid Course teaches rescuers to effectively recognize and treat adult emergencies in the critical first minutes until emergency medical services personnel arrive.

Intended Audience
Persons assigned to respond to emergencies in the workplace or community as well as those who want to learn first aid, CPR and AED skills.

Some rescuers are required to take this course as part of their employer’s efforts to comply with OSHAregulations, e.g., corporate employees, security guards, airline personnel, lifeguards and other individuals who want or need first aid training.

BLS Healthcare Provider

The BLS Healthcare Provider Course teaches CPR skills for helping victims of all ages (including doing ventilation with a barrier device, a bag-mask device, and oxygen); use of an automated external defibrillator (AED); and relief of
foreign-body airway obstruction (FBAO).

It’s intended for participants who provide heath care to patients in a wide variety of settings, including in-hospital and out-of-hospital. For certified or noncertified, licensed or nonlicensed healthcare professionals.

Intended Audience

Healthcare providers, such as physicians, nurses, paramedics,
emergency medical technicians, respiratory therapists, physical and occupational therapists, physician’s assistants, residents or fellows, or medical or nursing students in training, aides, medical or nursing assistants, police officers, and other allied health personnel.

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