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Welcome to EMS Training of the Berkshires.


When an emergency occurs that causes someone to stop breathing or lose their pulse, the end result is often death unless someone nearby knows CPR, (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation).By the time an ambulance arrives it is usually too late! Everyone should know how to perform CPR and learn First Aid so that when an emergency situation happens they will have the skills to save someone's life.EMS Training of the Berkshires, provides these training courses to Medical Professionals, Public Safety Professionals and to anyone else who wants know how to save someone who is suffering from heart failure.

Our classes are taught by experienced Cerified Instructors who are from various Public Safety Occupations such as EMT's, Nurses, Firefighters, and Police.

We are always updating our material to keep abreast of the changes in the medical field, so even,if you have previous CPR, First Aid, AED, First Responder training and just want to refresh your knowledge and brush up on your skills, we can help.

EMT Basic Class
Where: Tolland Public Safety Building
When: January 3, 2019

Classes will be on Tuesday and Thursday Nights from 6pm-10 pm
plus a few Saturday's

Cost: $600.00 includes: Books, Class fee, Practical Exam Fee..

please contact Victoria at Victoria@emstrainingoftheberkshires.com
call or text 4132810869

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